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NOTE If you are an avid indoor gardener and want to get into biological insect control like the experts, get yourself one of these packets containing Amblyseius cucumberis, a microscopic predator mite that loves to chomp on thrip, a common plant sucking insect They last up to 28 weeks. Place packet near the soil in the evening( doesn’t like UV light)the predator ( invisible to us) crawls out and eats the thrip larvae like mad.

Biological Insect Control Packet ( Thrip larvae eater)

Excluding GST/HST
  • It’s recommended to place the mites near the soil in the evening or night , that way they have time to get into the soil and hunt! You can hang the packet close to the soil so predator mites can get out and find thrip larvae, or you can rip open a packet and use a teaspoon of wheat frass( the mites hide amongst the wheat frass to avoid UV light) for smaller plants (4-6”) and a tablespoon for larger plants. You can’t over apply. Each mite eats one larvae thrip a day!

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