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Please read the whole note to understand how our delivery works.

Delivery available for Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville or 15 MINUTES from either store.

WE REQUIRE 72 BUSINESS HOURS to process your order !!! We don’t process orders when we are closed and or on our days off.

There are no Deliveries on Sundays or Mondays.

When you pay, THE WEBSITE WILL STILL SAY PICKUP IN DARTMOUTH, don’t worry, we will know it’s for delivery! You or the recipient will receive an email or phone call when the order is ready. We process orders during work hours.

If you have an Order that is over $100 BEFORE TAX ,delivery is free, please WAIT for an email or phone call so we can let you know our next available time slot. Again, we require 72 Business Hours to get order ready and we don’t process orders after hours.

Deliveries are usually in the mornings before 11 am or evenings after 6 pm.

Because we deliver living plants, we have to have the recipients contact information so we can be sure the recipient is home when we deliver.

If you are purchasing a gift, please email us the recipients name and contact info after purchasing. We WILL NOT SEE INFO in website, so please email!

While we do everything we can to arrange a suitable time frame that works for us and the recipient, if the recipient is unavailable or not at home on the agreed upon delivery time, a second delivery charge may be required.

Even if you purchased delivery, when you check out, it will still say pickup- it’s a glitch, we will call you to set up delivery.

We don’t process orders on holidays or when we are closed, please allow us time to process your order.

Delivery- Tuesday- Saturday

Excluding GST/HST
  • Delivery is done by staff , we need at least 72 hours to set up time for delivery, no deliveries Sunday\Mondays Deliveries are Tuesday/Sat. Please give us time to process your order, we process them during business hours.

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